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Washington News - IRS Enhances Taxpayer Protections
IRS Enhances Taxpayer Protections
In IR-2019-101, the Service explained its latest efforts to protect taxpayers from identity thieves. Taxpayers, professional advisors and third parties (such as colleges and universities providing...
Personal Planner - Seven Questions on Gifts to Children
Seven Questions on Gifts to Children
Many questions arise when we consider the options for giving to children. Why should we give? When, what and how should we give? Will gifts impact the self-esteem and initiative of the child? Can a...
Donor Stories - McDaniel Story
McDaniel Story
By practicing free throws and participating in other youth activities, John F. Malley Society member Geffrey McDaniel...
Savvy Living - How to Choose and Use a Home Blood Pressure Monitor
How to Choose and Use a Home Blood Pressure Monitor
I just found out I have stage 1 hypertension and my doctor recommended I get a home blood pressure monitor to keep an eye on it. Can you offer me any tips on choosing and using one? Everyone with...
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