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A "True" Story of ENF Pride


Roger R. True PGER
Tri-Cities, Wash., Lodge No. 2755

PGER Roger True knows precisely where he was and what he was doing during his proudest moment as an Elk. It was July 8, 2002, a Monday, at approximately 10:45 am. He was on a stage in Reno, Nev. And he had just been elected Grand Exalted Ruler.

That was his proudest moment as an Elk, but it's not why he's proud to be an Elk.

"Hearing the scholarship recipients and Hoop Shoot winners give their speeches at the National Convention really brings it home," says PGER True. "The benefits of the Foundation are so clear when they're described by individuals who have received our support. That experience truly makes me proud to be an Elk."

PGER True has made our support possible in a number of ways. He's a consistent donor who also has served as his Lodge's ENF Chair. He named a scholarship through the Named Scholarship Program. And he even included the ENF in his will.

He is confident that his decision to include the Foundation in his will was the right one.

"I've always believed in family and estate planning-my wife and I have had a will since our kids were very young," explains PGER True. "Including the ENF in our will is a benefit to everyone, and a special way to ensure that my contributions will continue to help the Foundation down the road."

Like PGER True, individuals who have planned a gift to the Elks National Foundation may be eligible to join the John F. Malley Society. Named for the founder of the Elks National Foundation, the John F. Malley Society acknowledges donors who, like Malley, want their generosity to help sustain the Foundation forever as a legacy to the future.

There are many ways to leave a planned gift, such as including the ENF as a beneficiary in your will, or by making a charitable IRA rollover gift. Malley Society members receive a pin and a medallion, and an invitation to a special event each year at the National Convention. Their names are listed in Heartbeat, the ENF's donor newsletter, and in the Foundation's Annual Report.

The best benefit, according to PGER True, is that planned giving provides him with long-term peace of mind. As a veteran himself, he knows his gift will continue to support veterans after he is gone.

"I encourage everyone to review their financial status to see if a planned gift is possible for them," he says. "Estate planning is a great option in this economy, because it doesn't have an immediate effect on personal finances, but it makes a big difference."

Wondering where to start? Talk to your financial advisor about the best way for you to include the ENF in your plans, and join PGER Roger True in supporting the vision of founder John F. Malley.

For additional information about ENF planned giving, please visit www.enfplannedgiving.org, or to discuss making a planned gift to the Elks National Foundation, please contact Kate Keating Edsey at KateE@elks.org or 773-755-4728.

You also may want to make it easy and convenient to have a bequest included in your will. The language link below shows how a bequest can very easily be included in your will.

Click Here to review sample bequest language.

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