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Christianson Story

Christianson Story

Nels Christianson
Willmar, Minn., Lodge No. 952

If you're looking for Nels Christianson, you won't find him at the movies or cooped up in his office. When he's not promoting the ENF or working as a consultant, Christianson spends his time backpacking, hunting and shooting. Whether he's at the Lodge or hiking up a mountain, the youngest member of the John F. Malley Society is never in one place for too long.

Always looking for exciting, new adventures, 30-year-old Nels Christianson was introduced to the Elks by a co-worker who thought he'd be a perfect fit for their Lodge. And he was right! Christianson dove head first into Elks activities. In less than three years, he became Wyoming's ENF Chairman.

Serving as State ENF Chairman for two years, he brought a new perspective to the position. Christianson emphasized the importance of communication and increased awareness of the Foundation within the state. As a result of his efforts, almost 100 percent of Wyoming Lodges reached the GER's per-capita goal.

"The Elks National Foundation is the strength of the Order," says Christianson. "When a member understands and is aware of the Foundation, he or she is more likely to give."

After starting his own business, an environmental consulting company, Christianson decided to assess his finances. He saw estate planning as a way of reviewing his current assets and guaranteeing they went to the right people. Christianson did not hesitate to include the ENF in his plans and joined the John F. Malley Society.

"I want to ensure my assets will benefit people forever," says Christianson. "I want to see the ENF continue as one of the largest private scholarship providers in the country, and by making a planned gift I can guarantee that."

Joining the Malley Society

Like John F. Malley, founder of the Elks National Foundation, Nels Christianson believes in building a "temple of philanthropy." He understands that the key to lasting success for the Elks is to concentrate on its charitable efforts through the Elks National Foundation.

"Philanthropy is one of the primary principles of our order," says Christianson. "I believe that supporting the ENF is the greatest way we can live up to this principle."

Christianson encourages others to plan a gift to the ENF. He believes it is not only important to give during our lives, but to also build a legacy for the future. Christianson plans on continuing to educate others about the importance of the ENF. No matter where he finds himself, from the top of a mountain to the fields of Wyoming, Nels Christianson will make sure the ENF lives on.

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