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Washington News - Top Security Tips for Tax Preparers
Top Security Tips for Tax Preparers
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a new campaign aimed at tax preparer security. The campaign is called "Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself." IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel stated,...
Personal Planner - Caring for Minor Children
Caring for Minor Children
"Who would take care of our children? I am not sure anyone would be willing to accept that responsibility," remarked Shelly to her attorney, Jim. "It's not that they aren't good children. They are all...
Donor Stories - Graves Story
Graves Story
For N. Todd Graves of DeKalb, Ill., Lodge No. 765, the Elks National Foundation merits attention. He loves the ENF as a long-time......
Savvy Living - Extreme Heat and Tips to Stay Safe
Extreme Heat and Tips to Stay Safe
I work for a county health department where we see individuals affected from heat-related illnesses. Can you provide information on the effects of extreme heat on older adults, and what they can do to...
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